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We have our own personal in-store designer that can help you choose a style and colour to suit your living space. How great is that! Jan has many years of experience in interior design. Interior design is her passion and she enjoys bringing fresh and new ideas to customers. Jan is in-store every Saturday & Sunday. No appointment necessary. She is also available for consultations at your home or office for a fee.


Determine how your sofa is going to be used. If it is a family room sofa that you’ll be using for lounging, it’s likely you’ll want a deeper sofa. If you anticipate using the sofa for curling up and really getting cuddly, or if a family member is particularly tall, opt for a deeper version.

If the sofa will be used as part of a more occasional sitting area that won’t necessarily be used as your main lounging area, consider a smaller sofa. You can pair it with a few occasional chairs and an ottoman to create a seating area conducive for conversation where people can sit across from one another rather than side by side on a large couch.

It’s easy to get swept up in color trends – just walk through any shopping area and you’ll start to recognise the hot colour of the season. When buying a sofa, think about colours you can live with.  A sofa is a big investment, so make sure you choose a colour that you will love for years to come! If you suspect your sofa will be the victim of heavy staining, consider a dark colour to camouflage the stains or a fabric that is stain resistant.

Also, consider the logistics of getting the new piece into your space. Be sure that your new purchase is physically able to fit through your home’s doorways, especially if you have an older home. Measure twice to be safe and avoid a big headache! You don’t want to get the perfect sofa home and only be able to get it as far as your front yard! Check with us for delivery and clearance specifications.


Thrilled with our new suite

Hey Jan, way back a few months ago you helped me with picking colour, fabric for our new lounge suite to take to the Mount. Although it’s a while ago I have been meaning to let you know how thrilled we are with the suite. It works great in the room and fabric/colour is gorgeous. Anyway, not a great picture as I couldn’t get far away in the room enough! But thank you. You really know the product. Much appreciated.

Beautiful Cushions

“Thank you Jan for all your assistance and my beautiful cushions! Thank you Susan, Mike and the whole team in Kiwi Bed & Sofas for this easy and enjoyable experience.”

Kiwibed’s designer made it so easy

“This morning we spent time at Kiwi Bed & Sofas with Jan Hadlow and had the most amazing time choosing a sofa and chairs for our new home. Jan was exceptional, a wealth of knowledge about color and style, she made it easy and we’ve come away excited at the thought of our new furniture. Thanks, Jan!”


Seems like a no brainier, but really Knowing your personal style can help big time when trying to narrow down your quest for the perfect sofa and help you choose a style that reflects your lifestyle.

Consider furniture that blends in visually with your floor or walls, whether it is transparent or similar in colour. We have an extensive range of quality and well-recognised fabrics and colours available from Warwick, Charles Parsons and James Dunlop.

We suggest creating an ideas folder. Have a look at home magazines, websites, Pinterest for the latest colour options and styles.

Show us your floor plan and measure the room. Bring in images of your existing interior, samples of new drapes, blinds, paints and flooring. This way we can visualise what you are after.

We have many different sizes and can custom make our sofas to size so they can fit perfectly in your living space.

Remember to take your time, find your style and what suits your lifestyle.

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